Why I may be a good fit for you


You can draw upon my 30-plus years of experience in the software industry. As a software engineer, I have worked on a variety of projects ranging from working with embedded computers for the military, all the way to building web sites on WordPress. Notably, I worked for several years at AltaVista, the first Internet search engine.

My experience covers a variety of businesses—companies from startups to large global corporations. Everything from telecom, defense, and computer manufacturing to online health-care software, online retailing, and Internet search.


Throughout my career, I have written technical documents—often architecture and design documents that describe new and proposed technology. This maps nicely to content marketing collaterals such as white papers/special reports, eBooks, articles etc. Check out the services I offer.

As an AWAI-trained (American Writers and Artists, Inc) copywriter, I have written several pieces of content including web copy, articles and eBook that use my combination of expertise in technology and persuasive writing. You can view my writing samples here.


I run a peer review group of copywriters. We hold weekly online meetings and learn from each other using regular copy critiques and information exchange on copywriting related products and services.

As a board member at Northern California Business Marketing Association, I mingle with the movers and shakers among the Silicon Valley marketing professionals and keep abreast of current trends.

Let's explore how we can take care of your marketing communication needs.