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Venkat Raman - Direct Response Copywriter

Successful companies make more money - online and offline!

What do companies like Agilent, Chase Manhattan, Citrix Systems, Dow Chemical, Fortune, GE Medical Systems, IBM, Intuit, Kiplinger, Network Solutions, Siemens, Target Direct Marketing, Toro, and many others know and do that sets them apart as successful?

What's their secret?

They take care of the foundation, of course; they build great products or services. But that is not enough. They combine their offering with smart, direct, marketing.

Perhaps that makes you think of social networking, list segmentation, mobile marketing ... good thinking. But a vital part of the marketing strategy that ties them all together is ...

Powerful copy. Persuasive direct response copy.

They use copy that converts eyeballs to sales.

This does not happen by accident. It does not happen casually. It takes a trained eye and a trained mind.

They hire direct response copywriters that can deliver.

They know wheat from chaff; they choose professional, high quality, highly trained copywriters because the return on their investment makes it worthwhile.

Their direct response copy results in more leads, more conversions, more revenue, and more profit.

That's their strategy. That's their secret.

Their secret can be yours too!

When you are ready to make money, accelerate your profits, you are ready to create that killer copy. If you are like most executives you are too busy running a business; you can't do it yourself.

Sure can press your staff into service. But you already keep their plates full. The killer copy you need requires careful attention, but may just play second fiddle to other top priority tasks your overworked staff must finish. The result: copy that does not perform.

This is when you take a deep breath and tell yourself to take action:

Hire a freelance direct response copywriter!

Congratulations! You have just taken the first step. If you are still not fully convinced, think about it ...

Freelancers are specialists with razor sharp focus. They live and breathe what they practice. They constantly improve their skills, and you are the beneficiary.

And here's the ugly truth: you can hire them for what you need and not worry about keeping them busy all the time! And the time you free up in your staff's schedule goes to improve your products and services, the foundation of your business.

This still leaves the question of where to turn for this help. Consider ...

What I can do for you

I am a B2B copywriter and website consultant. I have over 30 years of experience as a software engineer. I have worked in a variety of corporations and have worked with marketing and sales departments over the years. I have always been a writer.

My passion is to help you, the client. My training and experience help me do that for you. If you are a B2B company especially in the technology space (IT or medical devices, for example), we should really talk.

You should browse my site and discover who I am, what I can do for you, the processes I have for managing our projects, and also see some of the work I have done. I am sure you will be pleased by my dedication to providing you the best possible service to accelerate your profits.

I am excited about the possibility of working with you, helping you towards your revenue goals. Please take a moment to contact me for a free consultation so that we can get better acquainted.

Thank you for listening.


PS: Remember, there is no cost for our initial chat. Take action today!


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