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I provide print and web copy writing services for B2B clients primarily in the Information Technology segment. I rely on my background in technology to produce strong copy in this space.

Web copy lands you immediately in a controversy.

There's a raging debate in the industry on which is better for conversion in marketing campaigns: content marketing or traditional sales copy. You will find many backers for each side.

The jury is still out, however. Neither is the winner hands down. When you think about it, it makes sense that they depend on each other.

You need content marketing to build trust. Your customers believe in you when they see quality content from you. However, you should also seek their business actively. If you want more sales, you need to send your prospects sales copy, sales copy that works.

So, your web site should have both types of content. Your online communications via email, social media, and the like will make your prospects aware of what you have to offer. Some of these will also include a call to action.

I can help you on both sides of the aisle: content as well as sales copy. Working together, we can arrive at the right strategy for your marketing, and I will be happy to craft your sales pieces as well as build you content.

But, as the first step, it may be good to make use of my specialty service: web site audit. I go through your current web site and identify what works there and what needs to change. I prepare a report of my findings.

Your web site is the center of your business universe. You owe it to yourself to make sure it is the best it can be. A good foundation there will work wonders with the overall marketing strategy.

Going hand-in-hand with web site audit is web site map, which lays down what your revamped web site should contain. I can help you with establishing your site map as well.

We are on a roll now. Next, we will need to make sure all the pages laid out in the site map contain targeted, powerful, copy. As we said before, your marketing strategy should use content marketing as well as traditional sales copy. Hence your web site will contain both types of copy. I can write the copy you need for your web site content.

Content marketing involves copy that informs the potential buyers but doesn't actively ask for a sale. Sales copy would clearly have a call to action that asks for a sale of some type.

Some content marketing devices:

  • Case studies. These are low hanging fruits for building up your content marketing platform. They capture your past successes. Your prospects will see these and feel happier doing business with you. Case studies do show how your products or services helped your customer. But they also show how good your business process is in solving your customer's challenges.
  • White papers/special reports. These are longer pieces of documents that showcase your products and services. You should plan for different white papers, each focusing on one product or service. These are very effective in informing your prospective customers. The procurement process is thorough for B2B buyers; white papers provide essential support during this process. There will be no call to action in a white paper, but you do get to create brand awareness in the minds of your prospects.
  • E-newsletters. This is a great marketing device because it lends itself to both content and sales marketing! This is the best way to keep your customers and prospects updated on your progress and new developments. Just by being regular and consistent, you develop a loyal readership. This can spark a sale or two.
  • Blog posts. This is the best way to maintain freshness of your web site. You need new content on the site regularly. Search engines like that and this is one of many ways you optimize your site for searching.

Some sales copy devices:

  • Lead gen emails. When you need to reach potential buyers for your products or services, you send these out. This is the first step in the sales process. Powerful copy in this email must entice prospects to take the next step. Typically, the prospect clicks on a link or a button in the email and is sent to a landing page, usually on your web site.
  • Landing pages. These pages present your sales copy. There is a separate landing page for each of your campaigns. This is the meat of a campaign; a product, service, or an idea is initially sold to the prospective customer in this step. In B2C context, a sale is often made right here. However, this will only be the start of a longer sales process in B2B campaigns. Regardless, the landing page copy must be persuasive for any successful campaign.
  • Brochures, sell sheets etc. These are bread and butter marketing pieces. They are direct equivalents of similar items from the print world. B2B buyers rely on this data for their buying decisions.
  • E-newsletters. We have already seen this in the other group. These help with both content and sales copy marketing.

I have showcased a few select types of projects above. I can help you with these, but also many other types of projects.

Shoot me an email at venkat@ramancopywriting.com or call me at 510.497.4097 and we can chat about how I can help you with your website and copywriting needs.

There is no charge for our initial conversation.