A Little About Me

Something that happened when I was 3 years old may have a profound significance to how I can help you.

My job as a 3-year old was to run around the house, have fun, and learn from everything around me.

As my family elders have told me time and again, I was in the habit of watching my uncle, a student of engineering, draw and redraw many schematics as part of his course.

The exams were drawing near and my uncle was practicing memorizing the schematics for the closed-book exam.

Legend has it that I was watching him draw some complex schematic the day before his exam and spotted a teeny little part missing. My uncle was so confident of his work he didn't think much of my finding, but checked the book, just in case.

Guess what? I was right on the money, and better still ... this exact schematic was on the exam the next day and the 3-year old me had helped my uncle ace the exam!

pledge-400x400-1Why should you care?

My attention to detail hasn't wavered since. As a copywriter, I pledge to you the same support I was able to offer my uncle years ago.

I was always a numbers person. Good at math and all things analytical, I flourished in engineering ... electrical engineering in the beginning and settling into software engineering later in professional life. You can get a detailed scoop from my LinkedIn profile.

My creative side has been thriving through the years as well. I had written stories and self-published hand written periodicals during my high school days for circulation among friends.

As a software engineer, I had written a number of documents, mostly internal and technical, that described design philosophy or explained the workings of modules of software.

But my non-technical creative side came to life when I wrote for a local hometown newspaper where my articles were mostly human interest stories.

Being a numbers person does wonders in a different niche as well.

It is a great asset to understanding finance. Naturally, I got drawn to it, and became well versed in various aspects of it.

Starting with basic banking, I have gained a keen understanding of how mere mortals should approach mortgage and other loans.

I am also an avid reader/researcher of the securities industry. I have a good understanding of how stocks, bonds, and options may be used in developing portfolios of an average investor.

While I am not ready to offer a trading service, I am happy to juggle numbers for you if you are in that space.

I have taken courses on micro and macro economics to get a broader understanding of the subject.

More recently, I was looking to develop my interest in writing for the benefit of others. I started to get involved in literary writing by volunteering regularly at the San Francisco Writers Conference and subscribed to writing related periodicals.

Before too long, I got exposed to the American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI) and once I tried their offering in persuasive writing and copywriting, I never looked back.

I have immersed myself in direct response copywriting at AWAI.

I place at your service the whole package that is me:

  • attention to detail
  • strength in working with numbers
  • extensive experience in the software industry
  • passion and knowledge in the financial services industry
  • AWAI training in persuasive writing.

My mission is to write copy that you need to boost your sales and achieve increased revenue.

My pledge to you is that I will write it to the best of my ability.

Most importantly, I guarantee your satisfaction with my work.

Please contact me to explore how we can work together.